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Premier Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation Services in Texas

For top-quality solar panel removal and reinstallation services in Texas, trust SolarFIX Electrical Services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your solar system is handled with precision, guaranteeing optimal performance after every service. Count on us as your reliable partner for all your solar needs

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In search of Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Services in Texas?

Look no further than SolarFIX Electrical Services. Whether you’re dealing with roof replacements or repairs, our licensed, bonded, and insured team specializes in seamless Solar R&R solutions.

Homeowners frequently rely on us for their solar panel removal needs, trusting our professional technicians to expertly handle the process. When it comes to ensuring the integrity of your solar energy system during roof-related work, SolarFIX Electrical Services is the trusted choice for efficient and top-quality removal and reinstallation services.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation services in Texas

Why Choose SolarFIX?

At SolarFIX Electrical Services, our seasoned technicians bring decades of experience to every project, ensuring your solar panels are handled with utmost care. We prioritize professionalism and affordability, making us the go-to choice for homeowners seeking efficient and trustworthy solar panel removal and reinstall services in Texas.

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What's Included in the Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Process?

Solar panel removal and reinstallation are essential for homeowners with solar panels installed on their roofs who are planning to repair or replace their roofing system. The process encompasses:

Solar Panel Removal Before New Roof

1. The solar panel removal process starts with documenting main solar system parts.
2. We take photos of the panel array locations.
3. Turn the solar system off
4. Remove the solar panels
5. Removal wiring grounds and homeruns
6. Unwire Combo / J-Box
7. Removal panel racking
8. Remove flashings
9. Remove POAs (Points of Attachements)
10. Seal holes in roof until roofers arrive
11. Store parts on-site in an organized way

Solar Panel Reinstallation After New Roof

1. Solar Panel Reinstall After Roof Work
2. Meaure / mark roof for POAs
3. Layout hum run connects to the combiner box or J box
4. Drill into trusses for POAs
5. Install POA while weatherproofring
6. Install flashing
7. Install solar panels
8. Wire combiner box / Junction box
9. Test voltage levels for each string
10. Turn solar inverter on
11. Take photos of working system

How Much Does a Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Cost in Phoenix, AZ?

We’ve found over time that the average cost to remove and reinstall solar panels is about $3,750. According to EnergySage, they say that residential installations tend to cost somewhere between $2,500 to $6,000 to remove and reinstall. This is not inclusive of the cost required to replace your actual roof.

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