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About SolarFIX

Our founder, Mike Craig, is deeply passionate about renewable energy. For years, his main focus has been supplying residential and commercial power to as many states as possible. Collaborating with energy companies, Mike strives to enhance product offerings with the end user in mind. While growing up in Golden, CO, Mike pursued his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science. He concurrently worked for the Department of Energy, gaining expertise in power grid control. Mike holds certifications from NERC, FERC, and WCSS, and has operated various types of generators, from natural gas units to large hydroelectric dams.

Over the past decade, Mike has concentrated on solar and battery technology. His passion stems from hands-on testing and experience at the residential level, witnessing firsthand the cost savings achieved through energy-saving products like solar panels and batteries. He has worked in 7 states, collaborating with numerous utilities to devise solutions for over 6,000 homeowners.

Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ, Mike collaborates with solar companies and homeowners to find the optimal power solutions while also engineering more efficient inverter and battery technology products for the market.

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